Computer Based Training
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Evacuation Signs conform to local Fire Department requirements.
Various styles and sizes to fit decor.
Other types of signs also available.
The Building Inventory Forms or B.I.F.'s are produced to Fire Department requirements.
Information is gathered from either the Chief Engineer and/or the Company who performs your Regulation 4 testing.
These forms are placed in the proper section of each manual and an additional set to be posted visibly in the Fire Control Room.
Computer Based Training (CBT) offers:
  • Personalized pre hands on teaching & testing on your valuable equipment.
  • Quick, easy & effective refresher course for existing personnel.
  • A way to train & test personnel on your alarm systems & devices without disrupting tenants.
Provides detailed training records to:
  • User
  • Management
Fire Drills are conducted according to your Emergency Procedures Manual.
Pre & post drill meetings are conducted with both Floor Wardens and Staff.
All Fire Department notifications, invitations and reports are taken care of.
During the Drill, other items or potential violations are also noted and reported upon completion of drill to Management.
The Fire Safety Director, any Assistant Fire Safety Directors, Floor Wardens and Suite Monitors are now required to be trained and certified annually by a certified High-Rise Safety Consultant.
Prior to the Certifications for the Fire Safety Director and the Assistants, they must first complete and pass the FEMA ICS 100C course and test.  This FEMA course only needs to be accomplished once and is not required to be taken annually, but the Certification is.
All manuals produced are up to date with the Los Angeles Fire Department requirements and tab placement.
The Master Manual includes:
  • Floor Warden manual.
  • Occupant/Resident handout both ready for printing.
  • A Word file of telephone numbers, emergency contacts and a disabled list to be updated by the Fire Safety Director.
An initial draft of the manual will be delivered for your review within fourteen (14) days from the date on the contract.
Completed manuals will be delivered in seven (7)
working days after all corrections have been made.
A desired number (Generally 4-5) of manuals can be produced at no additional fee.
DVD Presentations for:
  • Occupant Emergency Procedures.
  • Emergency Equipment (Fire Control Room).
  • Security Console Equipment.
Fast, Easy & Effective training tool.
Ensures each person sees an hears the same information each time.
Presentations usually run under 20 minutes depending on the material to be covered.