The Computer Based Training program is an excellent comprehensive teaching tool

Computer Based Training

The Computer Based Training program shows how to operate
your equipment without actually touching your equipment

This safety training software package developed by our subsidiary Corr_Bern is an excellent comprehensive one on one teaching tool for basic building information and how to operate your valuable equipment without actually touching your equipment.
It is designed to allow the user to interact with certain aspects of the action.
Once the user logs in, they are first taken through the basic information of the building, which consists of:
  • Construction materials
  • Where the building is located
  • When built and open for occupancy
They are then given information about the stairwells, which include:
  • Number of stairwells and locations
  • Designations and terminations
  • Evacuation procedures and assembly areas
Then the user is introduced to the emergency systems.
For example:
  • Where the Fire Department Lock box is located and its contents
  • What the alarm sounds/looks like
  • Where it sounds and what devices will activate it
After this, the user is then taken through the field monitoring devices and at this point is able to interact with the action on the screen.
The user must click, with the mouse, the appropriate area to activate the pull station.
This would also include the resetting procedures for the pull station/s.
This section also includes information about the smoke and/or heat detectors and the fire sprinkler system.

The user, at this point, is taken into the Fire Control Room where they can then interact with the alarm panel regarding:
  • Acknowledging
  • Silencing and Resetting procedures
  • how to operate the PA system (if one is present)
  • all other devices located in the Fire Control Room
The user sees and hears what they would actually see or hear in your Fire Control Room.

Information regarding fire fighting equipment is also presented.  Information such as:
  • Fire fighter phone jacks
  • Fire pump
  • Standpipes and fire department hose connections
The person is then provided with knowledge of the fire triangle and your classes of fire extinguisher/s, and the meaning of the acronym PASS.

The participant is then introduced to your utility controls and shut offs, which include:
  • Domestic water pump
  • Natural gas
  • Electrical and the
  • Emergency generator
Bookmarks are automatically and user generated to allow the user to stop and return at anytime, right where they left off.

The user can then review any subject or take the test, which is also interactive.

The results are maintained in a database and are printable to the user.

Management also has access to the records through a password protected portal.

Computer Based Training Program

Computer Based Training Program........................................$10,000.00
Annual Update Fee
(First Year Free)............................................$1,000.00
Fee includes; script writing, filming, camera work, production/editing, testing and final authoring.