Fire Drills must be conducted annually according to your Manual

Fire Drills

How Fire Drills are conducted and what we look for and provide...

Fire Drills must be conducted at least once each year
in accordance with your Emergency Procedures Manual.
Corrigan Enterprises will conduct:
  •  pre and post drill meetings with both Floor Wardens and Staff
  •  conduct the fire drill
  •  make all Fire Department notifications and reports
Prior to any fire drill, it is important to first have an emergency procedures manual in place.
The fire drills are conducted according to the procedures within this manual.

While conducting the drill,
Corrigan Enterprises will also make note of any items
needing attention notifying building management.

These items could include:
  •  burned out lights
  •  slip or trip hazards
  •  blocked stairwell access
  •  Any other important items