The Bi-Monthly Retainer package includes a lot of our services at a reduced or no cost

Bi-Monthly Retainer

This Bi-Monthly package offers quite a bit of services at a reduced or no cost benefit

The bi-monthly retainer program is a cost effective alternative to the separate programs listed.

For a low monthly rate (based on size of your building), would include in the monthly fee;

Corrigan Enterprises on-site twice a month-once every other week.

  • All Manual updates.
  • All training of new staff/occupants within the 14 day period and annually after that required by law.
  • Offer basic training in the Emergency Procedures of the building for the Occupants/Residents, which includes proper procedures to be followed in the event of Fire, Earthquake, Medical Emergencies and Bomb Threats.

  • Offer Staff training in the operation of the Fire/Life Safety (FLS system) to include:    Acknowledging, Silencing, and Resetting of the fire alarm system, and proper resetting procedures of the Field Monitoring Devices.
  • Use of the PA system (if present).
  • Proper procedures to be followed in the event of Fire, Earthquake, Medical Emergencies and Bomb Threats.
  • All Fire Safety Director/Floor Warden Certifications and annual re-certifications required by law.
  • Annual Fire Drills to include pre and post drill meetings with Staff and Floor Wardens and all notifications to the Fire Department required by law.
  • FIRST AID, CPR, AED instruction offered to all Staff and/or Occupants at a reduced rate.
For an additional monthly fee we can also offer Active Shooter/Situational Awareness and Corporate Threat Assessment services.

  • And a monthly building inspection
        The monthly inspection includes;

  • Look for burned out exit lights and other lights and make sure all exit path arrows are oriented correctly.
  • Make sure all evacuation signage is current to Fire Department code and oriented correctly and mounted at the proper height.
  • Listen for and indentify the location of residential smoke or C02 detectors beeping and advise of the location.
  • Look for esthetic damage to building. (I.E: broken electrical outlet coverings, damage to wall or torn wall paper, torn or worn carpets, etc.).
  • Look for slip/trip hazards and narrowed exits to less than code.
  • Inspect (Only, no servicing) and sign off each month on the fire extinguishers and inform when servicing is due or coming up or if extinguisher is damaged in any way.
  • Make sure each sprinkler head has the escutcheon around it.  (Usually an insurance requirement).
  • Check clearance below and around fire sprinklers are to the required code.
  • Observe work habits of Staff or Occupants and advice if working in an unsafe manner or environment. (I.E.: extension cords run improperly under floor mats or hung above head or overloaded, bent down below an open file cabinet drawer, items hung or attached to Fire/Life Safety devices, etc.).
  • Observe Holiday decorations and advise if safe or something is lacking regarding code.
  • Check Fire Alarm Panel to ensure no pending trouble or alarm conditions exist and all systems are normal.
  • Make sure all Fire/Life Safety devices are not blocked, to include fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Visually inspect equipment in equipment rooms for obvious trouble conditions.
  • Test eye wash stations and emergency showers.
  • Visually inspect (if on site) AED Defibrillators to ensure charging light is still blinking green.
  • Advise Management or Engineers immediately if any problem requires their direct attention.
  • Supply inspection report to Management and Engineering of the findings.

All these services are performed once a month with training available twice a month.

Bi - Monthly Retainer

Bi - Monthly Retainer.......................................................$500.00/Month
Requires a one (1) Year Contract